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An Atari ST YM2149 chip tracker

maxYMiser F.A.Q.

Why was maxYMiser created?
Existing Atari ST chip trackers were good, but each of them sucked in some way, and did not give the low level control or FastTracker 2 like editing features I wanted.

What kind of Atari do I need?
A ST, STF, STFM, Mega ST, STe, MegaSTe, TT, or Falcon etc.

What kind of Atari would be best?
An STe, MegaSTe, TT, or Falcon with 2Mb+ RAM .

What features does maxYMiser include?

Wow! So, does maxYMiser include a manual?
Yes, please read it ;)

But I have a PC...
Go here

But I have a Mac/other weird box...
Go here

It sounds different on an emulator compared to real Atari hardware?
Certainly, but as emulators improve, this will change

Will you support monochrome monitors?
Yes! They are supported :)

What are the licensing conditions for maxYMiser?
maxYMiser is FREE, but if you make music or sounds with this software which are released either in any kind of commercial or non-commercial way, you should mention somehow that you used maxYMiser in its production. In case you wonder - this is serious.

maxYMiser maybe distributed freely, but only with all documents and other associated files. None of the files may be modified in any way.

maxYMiser comes with no warranty of any kind: It may very well trash your machine/files/music etc etc.

How can I DJ maxYMiser songs?
With this software, also by gwEm.

What file formats does maxYMiser support?
Internal format files are supported for song, voice set and instrument data. In addition the popular SNDH v2 Atari ST music format is supported. 8bit signed sample import is also available.

How do I do thing xyz???

Will there be new versions of maxYMiser?
Certainly... to ensure this Email me feedback.

Does maxYMiser have any bugs?
I guess there's some ;) Email me bug reports, but read the manual first, maybe its not a bug after all.

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